Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you think of a "L" Wordle

Some of you may recall that our oldest son was in speech a couple years ago and I posted about how I used podcasts to support his speech development (See Digital Audio to the rescue). Now our youngest child is in speech. I really think he developed his articulation issues because he was developing his language skills during the same time that our oldest son was struggling with speech.

Of course, we are running into similar issues with practice sessions so recently I decided to try an interesting tool known as Wordle. Wordle reminds me of the things we used to draw in junior high when we were bored in class. You know, adjectives about your favorite boy, the names of all your friends or whatever was most important at the time.

I like it for children because it gives them another opportunity to play with words. My son had to say each "L" word and then I typed it for him. Then, he loved to change the colors and fonts and, of course, each time we did he said the words over again.

I could see Moms using this with children who are reluctant to practice vocabulary or spelling, in studying for a test on synonyms, antonyms or parts of speech or just to pass time in a quiet, directed fashion.

As far as I can tell the tool is not that robust but it seems to be reliable and very easy to use. Here are the Wordles that Drew created:

L Sounds

Initial L Sounds

As always, it is fun to hear from others who have used these tools and/or ideas for other tools.

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lallatp said...

What a great idea! I used Wordle this summer when I was doing my first digital story with my God son (first grade) for a class. The "subject" was July the Fourth. He told me all of the words he could think of when I said the word July the Fourth and helped me decide how many times we should copy and paste them to make them bigger. He liked rating the words small, medium, large!