Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Digital Camera for Digital Kids!!

I cannot believe it has been nearly two months since I have posted to this blog. Summer vacation, swim lessons, baseball games, soccer games, a new kindergartner, a little brother devastated that big brother is not at his preschool and the start of another semester have kept me pretty busy! I know –poor excuses - many of you are as busy if not busier than me. I plan to stay on track with at least a post a week until Christmas.

Speaking of, that holiday is not too far away and, possibly, your child would like to open a new digital camera!!! In a previous post entitled “If you give a kid a digital camera..”, I mentioned the possible stresses associated a child dropping, flushing, punting or otherwise destroying a camera worth hundreds of dollars.

One relatively new, reasonably price and durable solution is V-Tech’s Kidizoom digital camera. The camera is designed for young children and includes the ability to connect to a TV or PC, simple photo editing options, digital video capability, a few games and interchangeable faceplates that allow children to change the look of the camera.

Parental reviews on the Internet are positive and many blogs suggest this will be a hot item during the holiday season. As of this posting, none of the toy stores listed in Gainesville’s Yellow Pages are carrying it but I recently ordered one online from for $69.43 ($59.99 + $5.69 shipping + 3.75 tax).

I am quite excited to watch my boys open this gift on Christmas day and am even more excited to see what they do with it! After all, "if you give a kid a digital camera" he'll probably surprise you with his ingenuity.

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Lori said...

Hi Kara -

A year later, would you still recommend this for a near 4 year old? I checked Amazon and the price is still $60 plus tax and shipping. Is it worth it?